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Sub Pump Cast (230V-25LPM / 1500LPH)


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DEK Cast Sub Pump

Specification & Features

DEK Cast Sub Pump

DEK Submersible water pump / bilge pump, milk transfer vat to vat or calf feeder

Technical Features:

  • 230V, 50Hz, 0.75KW (1HP)
  • Max Flow: 120LPM (1500LPH)
  • Max Head: 32M
  • Max Temp: 40 degrees celsius
  • Outlet: 1″
  • 2850RPM
  • Automatic cut off float switch fitted
  • 10M power lead

12 Months Warranty
GST Invoice Supplied

Ideal for the spa, aquarium, milk, swimming pool, pond, well, sump, work site, grey water recycling, flooded areas and other drainage applications.

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