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Turf Mate Spray Boom Package 1200mm


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Spray Boom Package 1200mm

Specification & Features

Spray Boom Package 1200mm

Turf Mate 1200mm Stainless Steel Spray Boom, consisting of two Turf Mate spray extensions joined with a high quality brass connection tee piece

Technical Features:

  • Boom Length: 1.2m
  • Spray Width: 2m
  • Recommend PSI: 40psi – 70psi
  • Nozzles: 6 spray nozzles with removable stainless steel fillters
  • Simply cable tie to a bumper or tow-bar
  • All stainless and brass.


Cross Country have a full range of spray equipment for farm or lifestyle use from back pack to 50 and 100 liter spray units.

Tested for use on such products like our Turf Mate Rechargeable Sprayers ESR-16, ESR-18, ESR-35 and also our ATV Sprayer range.

Nationwide Courier, NZ.

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