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Diesel Tank 200L


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Specification & Features

Cross Country DT-200 Plastic Diesel Tank. Color may different from photo.

DT-200 plastic diesel tank comes complete set up with a heavy duty 12-volt vane diesel pump – 40LPM

A mobile and compact diesel tank and pump system, popular for mounting on truck decks and Utes Ideal to refill diggers, graders, loaders etc
Fits between most ute wheel archers

Tank features:

THICK Plastic tank with cover

Comes with a Auto nozzle gun

3/4inch delivery hose

Standard 3.5m discharge hose and nozzle (can be extended if required)

Pump Features:

The DEK OP12V 12 Volt Positive Displacement Vane Diesel Pump is an extremely reliable, compact and almost maintenance free pump
Specially designed for transferring of fuel and oil type liquids
Self Priming
2 Meter Extension Cable & Gator Clips
Heavy-duty On/Off switch
Automatic bypass valve

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